Defined by architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, tensegrity is the property of structural force acting on distinct unites of compression through tension. Applied to our bodies, fascial tensegrity describes the tone provided by soft tissue pulling on bons. This tone governs functionality - when all tissues are equally taught, the structure has balance. When we are tight or strained though, the whole system is thrown into a less efficient shape (think pain, fatigue, poor posture).

So! What does this mean for you? Well,

1) If your favorite stretch is such because it's the easiest and most comfortable to get into, its the last one you should be doing! In other words, stretch the tightest most restricted areas first.

2) In that same vein, if you're tighter on one side, stretch that side 2x as long until you find more balance in your routines.

3) The best posture is the kind that takes the least amount of effort. Whenever you can, make sure your bones are carrying more weight than your muscles...

Not quite sure you have a sense of "bone-stacking" yet? Stay tuned for more tips and tools for better posture...

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