60 minutes/$75


Gentle sessions are designed for those who require more energetic work and/or less physical input. Techniques used may include Aromatherapy, Guasha/Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Traction, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

75 minutes/$100

rolfing Session

Single structural sessions are a great way to become acquainted with this work, or as a follow up after completion of the Ten Series. Whether you seek relief from a longstanding issue or a recent injury, a treatment plan will be created around your goals, schedule, and budget. All such sessions may be complemented by Osteopathic adjustments and/or Acupuncture treatments with your practitioner of choice.

Referrals given on request.

75 minutes/$100


A Series is like a tune-up for the entire body. Organized into anatomical zones, each session within the series approaches a set territory, aiming to reorganize soft tissue into a more comfortable and efficient configuration. The Series can easily be broken down into "chapters." This breakdown allows clients to vacation or take a financial break without interrupting the flow of the work. Clients curious about the Series but who are not yet ready to commit to all ten sessions can easily work through chapter by chapter.

20 minutes/$25

60 minutes/$75

Movement SESSION

Movement sessions give clients the opportunity to practice their physical awareness and perception. A variety of exercises, stretches, and movement explorations can help improve a variety of issues including imbalance, poor posture, and chronic discomfort resulting from repetitive activity. This work can be especially helpful for stroke and physical therapy patients.





In any of these sessions, one can expect to begin with a brief structural assessment. This assessment (or check-in) is used as a reference point for progress throughout the session. Meaning, we’ll be checking in, then doing a little work, checking in, then doing a little work… As such, we always work clothed. Please wear loose fitting clothing - underwear, bathing suit, or shorts/shirt work great! Avoid wearing leggings/yoga pants/bike shorts + sports bras, as we will not be able to properly access your fascia.

In any of these sessions, our goals communication working together making sure we’re on the same page, because all these sessions are not only designed to create more comfort, but also to educate you as to your own *** in order to keep yu…sustainably…. Like I always say, my job is to keep you out of my office!